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What is the size of USD$ 1 Trillion?

. Monday, March 16, 2009

Below is something extracted from PageTutor to illustrate the size of One Trillion Dollars.

Step 1. Illustration of $100. This is the size of the largest US denomination currency.

Step 2. Illustration of $10,000. For most, this is equivalent to few years of their hard-earned money that fits easily into your pocket.

Step 3. Illustration of $1,000,000 (100 x $10,000). Who wants to be a Millionaire? Pathetic in term of size comparison isn’t it? Doesn’t look like a lot of money.

Step 4. Illustration of $100 Million. Now we’re getting somewhere. This is a pallet of money.

Step 5. Illustration of $1 Billion. Now we’re talking. You’ll need a truck to move your billion around.

Finally, an illustration of $ 1 Trillion. This will take you a whole warehouse to store. By the way, please note that the pallet is DOUBLE STACKED!! and the far left blip… is a size of you.