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How to join GoogleSites via invitation

. Thursday, May 21, 2009

First of all, you’ll received an email from Google inviting you to join the googlesites. An example of such an email is as below:

I have invited you to share a Google Site:

Testing Site

When you click on such a link as above, you’ll be forwarded to a page such as below – assuming you do not have a google account.

Sign up for sites

Click on “Sign up for Sites” if you do not have a Google Account.

Email address

After you have click on signup for sites, you’ll be asked to provide some information in order to signup. Use the email address the googlesite invitation is sent to. This is because only that email address were given permission to access the sites. Any other email address are not allowed to access. Now if you want to change the email address, then you’ll need to ask the person who invited you in the first place to re-send the invitation again.

sign in

After you have filled in all the information, you should be able to sign in using the information you have provided earlier.

DO NOTE THAT SOMETIMES GOOGLE MAY SHOW ERROR MESSAGE DURING REGISTRATION. When you try to register a second time, it show that the account has already been registered. When that happen, try to go back to first page and sign in. Imagine, Google site having a bug like that.