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One Hundred Pushup

. Saturday, July 04, 2009

U.S. Marines count out push-ups.

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I’ve been trying to keep fit for many years. Somehow it never materialized. There were always some distractions that will come my way. However, for the past two months, I’ve been keeping a relatively good record. One of my goal is to be able to do one hundred pushup. There is a site that helps.

At this site you can follow its training schedule accordingly. There is also a site that track your progress. It’s here. So far I’m currently at Week 3, Day 1.

I have come to believe in the keep track of my progress in life. This includes the tasks that I’ve completed, like for example, what have I done for the past 1 week? What have I done for the past 1 month? So far, RTM (Remember the milk) is my favorite site for organizing my life.