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We all have our moment to shine. We just need to wait for such a moment to reveal itself.

. Friday, July 03, 2009

“Hi, my name is ….. I’m nearly 48. Unemployed but still looking… never been married, never been kissed.”

Now, what goes through your mind when you come across this? What a loser huh? Have you wasted all your life doing nothing?

“I’ve always wanted to perform in front a large audience. I’m gonna make that audience rock.”

So you’re basically considered as an underdog… but a hidden gem for 40 odd years? What the heck is going on? Did the society failed to notice your talents? Or you’re just wasting our time.

Q: What’s your dream?

A: I’m trying to be a professional singer.

Q: Why hasn’t it worked out so far?

A: I’ve never been given a chance before.

Let’s enjoy Susan Boyle’s

I personally believed that all of us have some kind of “Susan Boyle” talent in all of us. We just need to patiently wait for such an opportunity.